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Oem Tieups
Keeping pace with changing customer preferences, the vehicle/equipment manufacturers are competing to offer the best Value for Money to customers. Coupled with emerging environmental regulations and new technologies, OEMs of vehicles and equipments are constantly trying to reduce maintenance costs.

BPCL is continuously working alongside OEMs to develop and upgrade genuine oils for their vehicles and equipments to address the requirements of ever changing technology.

Pioneering the cause of industrial growth over the last 3 decades, our R&D and marketing teams have provided solutions for efficient and specialized lubricant applications in steel, cement, power, engineering, road construction and other leading industries in India. These applications include various compressor, genset, shock absorber oil manufacturers who provide branded lubricants for use during and after warranty for peak performance.

Right from the advent of Maruti-Suzuki in 1984, our R&D team at our state-of-the-art R&D Centre has demonstrated competencies to develop customized solutions for automakers in India. Our R&D has developed more than 300 different formulations in the past 10 years, out of which 50 were developed in the last 3 years

BPCL commissioned its own LOBS plant at Mumbai, using the latest Chevron Lummus Global patented ‘All Hydro Processing Technology’ in June 2006. This has enabled us to manufacture superior quality ‘MAK Base’ oils exceeding the requirement of API Group II (rated as Group II plus).

OEMs have acknowledged BPCL’s identity of quality base oil producer, best in class R&D capabilities and marketing acumen.


In addition to Indian presence with plethora of lubricant options for all cross sections of the industry, BPCL (MAK LUBRICANTS) also has agreements with leading automotive manufacturers having both National & International presence.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Equipment manufacturing industries play a strategic role in our business. We have a long and successful history of partnerships with leading OEMs across all vehicle categories. With strong brands, superior technology and width and depth of distribution, BPCL (MAK LUBRICANTS) is an ideal partner for progressive OEMs seeking to offer their consumers the best products and services.

Hero Honda Motors Limited
Hero Honda Motors Limited - the single largest two-wheeler manufacturer in the world has an association with BPCL (MAK LUBRICANTS) since the year 2004. MAK Lubricants during the five years of association has become the largest supplier of Hero Honda Super Premium 4T Plus 10W30 genuine engine oil for initial fill as well as to HHML dealers, Authorized service stations and spare part stockists. BPCL has been working closely with HHML & its sister concerns to develop specialty products like Engine oils and Shock Absorber Fluids which can meet the stringent HONDA (JAPAN) specifications. Apart from the above BPCL has commissioned Hero Honda City Works àexclusive servicing option for HHML customers’ at BPCL Retail Outlets and numbers are growing by the day.

Tata Motors
Tata Motors is a leading player in Commercial Vehicles in India. We have a long and fruitful relationship with Tata Motors for over 5 years. This includes a strategic alliance for supplying of Engine oils for initial fill as well as Co-branded engine oils and speciality products to Tata Motors dealerships, Authorized Service Network & Tata Motor Spare part dealerships across the country. MAK Lubricants has been jointly working with Tata Motors in all areas including joint product development, promotion and customer service.

a) Commercial Vehicles Division
MAK TATA MOTORS CH4 15W 40 was specially developed for Tata Motors and is endorsed by Tata Motors for use in all their commercial vehicles fitted with both Tata & Cummins Engines meeting BS II & BS III models. Apart from the above BPCL has commissioned TATA Authorized Service Stations servicing option for TML customers’ at BPCL Retail Outlets and many more are expected to get activated over the years

b) Passenger Cars Division
MAK TATA MOTORS Lubricants have also been specially developed for use in all Passenger Cars/ SUVs manufactured by TATA MOTORS. These products are available at all Retail Outlets and Distributors of BPCL.

General Motors India
General Motors India has already completed 12 years if Indian Operations and is the manufacturer of diesel & petrol passenger cars and multi utility vehicles in the country. We have a strategic alliance for supplying Co-branded engine oils and specialty products to the General Motors dealerships and authorized service network across the country. BPCL (MAK LUBRICANTS)is jointly working with General Motors India in all areas including joint product development, promotion and customer service. GM MAK Genuine 15 W 40 Diesel & Petrol  Engine Oils were specially developed for General Motors and is endorsed by General Motor for use in all their passenger cars as well as Utility vehicles.

TVS Motor Company Limited
TVS Motor Company is the third largest two-wheeler manufacturer in India and one among the top ten in the world, with annual turnover of more than USD 1 billion in 2008-2009, and is the flagship company of the USD 4 billion TVS Group. BPCL (MAK LUBRICANT) has an exclusive tie-up with TVS MOTOR COMPANY to supply engine oils for initial service fill as well as TVSM dealers, Authorized service stations and spare part stockists. BPCL is also working to develop, manufacture and supply specially formulated oils and specialty products for factory requirement in TVSM. TVS TRU4 Premium 10W30 the first JASO MA 2 specification oils of its kind has been introduced by BPCL for use in TVSM two- wheelers and is distributed through all TVSM authorized dealerships & workshops as well as BPCL’s extensive reseller network. L&T KOMATSU

L&T Komatsu
is the market leader in the excavator segment & commands more than 50% of the market share. (MAK LUBRICANT) has a tie-up with L&T Komatsu for the past 5 years to supply oils for supply to L&T Komatsu dealerships & users. BPCL is closely working with M/s L&T Komatsu for development of specially formulated engine & gear oils apart from Hydraulic Oils for use in L&T Komatsu excavators. The range of products include L&T MAK CD 10 W, L&T MAK HYDROL P 68, L&T MAK HYDROL P 100 & MAK SPIROL EP 140 LT
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